Sunday, September 15, 2013

English Saddles for The Equine Rider

Quality English saddles are usually a large investment for most and we should ensure we take proper precautions in caring for this investment.  For either the advanced rider at high levels of Dressage and Show Jumping, and or to the leisure rider enjoying the equine experience.  We the purchaser must take a few simple measures to guarantee our saddle for many years to come.
1. Insuring your valuable saddle is a must, in the mishap that it is stolen.
2. Cleaning your saddle after use is very important, using a natural product on your saddle always is my first choice.  Leovet Horse Care products for cleaning leathers can be an option for saddle care.  Firstly with a saddle soap and then an application of a leather conditioner, I always tend to go with a soft cloth or sponge when applying.  
3. Oiling of your saddle can be done infrequently, when you feel the leather on the saddle is beginning to have a shine to it and becomes slippery, this is a good indication its time.
4. Before You Ride, Check all areas of your saddle, more frequently you want to check that the fitting of the saddle remains moderate from the original fitting, as sometimes our horses develop different muscles overtime depending on their work load. 
5. Take the time to put your saddle on preferably a wooden saddle rack designed for such English saddles, and not keep a moist saddle pad on top, you want to prevent any mold developing on the leather.
6. And of course keep your saddle covered, and in the event you need to sell this piece of equestrian equipment, you have ensured its value with the care involved.

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