Friday, September 13, 2013

Skunk Odor Remedies - Equine Antiseptic Powder

Skunk Odor Removal Remedies Myth or Fact! Being a dog owner of a 'pack' with relentless gsd's paroling the grounds on skunk alert!!! Just ask her thoughts on the subject!  Do the below remedies work:
1. Washing or bathing in tomato juice to remove skunk odor... popular myth or fact? 
2. Driving at midnight on the hunt for a 24 hour vet only to slam their doors on your lovely smelling dogs and hitting you in the head from behind with a bottle of 'skunk off'.. myth or fact?
3. Hydrogen Peroxide neutralizing the lovely scent.. myth or fact?
4. Baking Soda mixed with peroxide and liquid dish soap!!! myth or fact?
5. White Vinegar...

The following list goes on and sadly nothing works, with the exception of:

1.Firstly, removing the primary whether it be towels you used on your sprayed pet, removal of your own clothing and contain in a sealed bag. Keep the pet quarantined in an area (perhaps a baby gate closing off a section or bathroom), do not touch anything with your hands after handling your pet.
2. Wash your pet with any type of shampoo, preferably peppermint ingredient but we always don't have that option.

3. Minimizing of the skunk odor I use an antiseptic Powder, I prefer the Columbia Antiseptic Powder which can be purchased online at HorseSmart: under Equestrian Wound Treatments 

4. Repeat the bathing daily or use a soapy cloth in the area that has absorbed the odor, and use the powder throughout the day, removing the source of odor is your focal and the powder adsorbs the odor during its natural course of neutralizing.

5. Of course lots of open windows and air fresheners.. Best of Luck

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